Starcraft 2 Automated Player

Matt Fisher, a Stanford PhD student has revealed an incredibly impressive automated Starcraft 2 player. This is not just any other computer AI.

Screen capture of the AI's console output(Screen capture from Matt Fisher)

Some key features of the player’s AI:

  • The AI plays just like a human player: It looks at the screen, and then sends mouse and keyboard instructions.
  • The AI employs parallel processing: It maintains a series of threads which generate execution orders with a priority value. Keyboard and mouse control is then relinquished to the highest priority order at any given time.
  • The AI can perform an absurd amount of actions per minute (APM), ranging from 500 when idle to 1000-2000 during intense battles.

Finally, the AI can trash talk!

The AI maintains a set of personas it adopts when fighting humans. These are designed to intimidate the person with the AI’s ability to type very complicated and computationally intensive sentences in the middle of battles.

The AI successfully beats the normal SC2 computer opponents and some of Matt’s friends. However, he has yet to unleash it onto unsuspecting opponents on

I’m looking forward to seeing future developments!

Discussion thread on Hacker News

Discussion on Reddit

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